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April 28, 2011

Agar Baterai BB awet dan tahan lama

Tips menghemat baterai BB
1. Matikan beberapa fitur yg ga dipake seperti beroperasi wifi dan bluethooth
2. Atur tingkat brightness layar ke tingkat paling rendah
3. Pengaturan backlight time outt secepat mungkin
4. Kalau handheld gak digunnakan, aktifkan stanby mode
5. Pilih salah satu network saja sbg "jalan" untuk BlackBerry beroperasi( 3G / 2G aja).
6. Diwilayah yg ga ada sinyal, matikan BB aja. Pencarian sinyal bikin baterai boros.
7. Kalau nada dering dan getar, posisikan LED indikator OFF
8. Atur BB untuk hidup dan mati secara oomatis
9. Jaga kebersihan baterai, tiap beberapa bulan bersihkan kontak logam di baterai dengan cutton bud.

April 23, 2011

Tips to Reach Benefits From Investing Gold bullion

gold IRA is the main commodity means the best way to invest. In addition to the relatively stable price there are still other aspects that could make this IRA gold is a good reason to be a reference source of investment.

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Then why should entrust to garden gold? Because in this gold IRA transfer you get a secure storage services and provide easy access to the physical delivery of gold, you have complete control over how you allocate the funds in your IRA at any time if you need cash, get information updet status report Your gold and the price is automatically in your facebook inbox.

And more important is the way the registration is easy and fast. It took just fill out the registration form and then after they receive your gold IRA form, they will immediately contact you by phone to notify the gold you arrive safe and healthy.